Nova Era

More and more, today’s event professionals rate top-quality visuals as highly as the music. Based in Orlando, Nova Era, an ensemble of classically trained musicians, is breathing new life into classical music with a modern twist. Your audience is sure to be impressed by the level of musicianship, the beauty of the original compositions, and the modern-day arrangements of great classical works. This visual combination of old and new perfectly reflects the music of Nova Era. Dressed in either their 18th century costumes and powdered wigs, or in elegant, black-tie appropriate attire, the band updates Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Bach by adding drums, electric bass, and keyboards to traditional string instruments. Popular demand for Nova Era has swept them across the U.S. and to standing ovations in Europe. Previous engagements include performances in Venice, Paris, The Palace at Versailles, Dubai UAE, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Las Vegas, and NYC- just to name a few. In partnership with the QVC network, Nova Era has performed frequently on television as well.




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