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Innovative Entertainment’s Creative Services Bring WOW To Events

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It’s been said that “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use. The more you have.” And this is most definitely a phrase we believe to be true about our experienced in-house creative services team!

When it comes to providing creative services, Innovative Entertainment is at the forefront of bringing imagination to life for live events across North America and beyond. Our team excels at collaborating with clients to design fully customized theatrical experiences for their guests. From incorporating a company’s brand message into the general session opener, to a ribbon cutting ceremony, or a gala dinner with a stage show, we have a producing team that’s full of creative and extraordinary event and entertainment ideas. Our expertise lies in everything from script writing and talent casting, to choreography, custom music, costume and stage design, and even media design and graphics.

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One recent event that Innovative Entertainment is proud to have provided creative services for was a corporate bi-annual event held at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in Savannah, Georgia. Our team was tasked by the client to create an evening of entertainment that would reflect some of the messaging that would be then be outlined in the general session the following morning. With an attendance of 1,500 suppliers and clients our team came together to bring life to an evening event that did exactly what the client was looking for.

This particular event was the first of three nights of activities that brought sponsors, suppliers and customers together. Our creative team came together to conceptualize and then execute an evening where the entertainment was impactful and unique, but not completely overpowering. Innovative Entertainment Executive Producer, Nicole Bernardi, designed a star-studded evening alongside décor and production partner, The Tony Brewer Company. A successful evening, both entertainment and décor was designed to compliment each other perfectly – giving guests an experience as though they were attending the after-party of an awards show. Adding to the star-studded experience, the most impactful WOW of the evening, was having The Red Hot Orchestra play Hollywood movie classics while movie clips played behind them on a giant screen.

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Tasked with creating two and a half hours of content for the event, both visual and musical, our team made the decision to design and coordinate entertainment that was completely continuous that evening. Doing this required that movie rights were acquired and obtained – a task easily managed by our experienced producer. Band leader Tera Bonilla and Video Director Mark Howell then designed a set list and flow that kept the audience engaged all evening. The main featured entertainment, the Orchestra, was comprised of ten musicians from Los Angeles, four featured singers and local horn musicians from Atlanta. A couple other highlights that evening included vocalist Tomasina Abate singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and a James Bond Medley that featured vocalist Tera Bonilla in a large white ball gown that was video mapped with spectacular imagery as she sang Skyfall. The evening concluded with the high-energy song and movie clips from Footloose, which had the entire audience up and dancing on their feet.

Innovative Entertainment Footloose

If you’re looking to bring this level of creativity and impact to your future events then we encourage you to connect with Innovative Entertainment. Whether you have a vague idea that needs focus and development, or a specific concept involving ambitious execution, our team is experienced with a wide-range of creative services. And simply stated, we’re passionate about working collaboratively with clients to bring creative ideas into reality!