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ILEA Los Angeles’ New President
– Jamie Snively

Innovative Entertainment ILEA Board

We’re with her!

We are excited to announce that Innovative Entertainment’s Director of Marketing, Jamie Snively, has been appointed the 2016-2017 President for the Los Angeles chapter of the International Live Events Association! Jamie has been an active leader in the events industry for many years now, serving on boards of directors that include ILEA – Northern California, ILEA – Los Angeles and the SEARCH Foundation. Always leading with a passion for events and a compassion for the events professional, Jamie is positioned to be a focused and engaging chapter President. We are confident that she will lead the chapter to have a greater than ever impact on the live events industry in Los Angeles, in California, and beyond!

Enjoy the below insightful excerpt from Jamie’s acceptance speech earlier this week. We couldn’t be more proud of her and ready to support her efforts in this coming year of industry leadership:

“My theme for this year is ‘Grow with ILEA.’ I come from a fifth generation farming family. Although I’ve never wanted to be part of the farming industry, I have been relating farming to every aspect of my life since I was born. Farming takes patience, planning, problem solving, perseverance, and a lot of crossing your fingers and hoping everything goes well. See, farming is a lot like the live events industry. We all want and need to GROW at all different times in your lives and careers. The International Live Events Association helps event professionals and event companies grow. As the ILEA LA chapter comes off of a great year of engagement and momentum – we encourage you to ‘Grow with ILEA’!”

Innovative Entertainment Jamie Snively

Photography credit: Brian Kramer Photography.