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3 Ted Talks On Science That Will Really Have You Thinking

Ted Talks, there’s one for everything. You can find one on the topic of social issues, business tactics, self-help topics and almost anything else you can think of. If you are like me though, you spend a lot of time looking for something to learn or inspire you. I can’t think of anything better for that than Ted Talks on Science! Keep on learning, and enjoy 3 of our favorites:

How Simple Ideas Lead To Scientific Discoveries by Adam Savage

This one is at the top of my list for two distinct reasons. The first is simple, Adam Savage (of MythBusters fame) gets excited about anything he talks about and that enthusiasm tends to suck you in. The second is that in this Ted Talk, Adam goes over a few simple ideas that lead to some groundbreaking scientific discoveries. It shows that great discoveries can come from something as simple as a ball rolling to the back of a moving wagon led by a child. It really gives you an appreciation for simple ideas and where they can lead.

What Will be the Next Big Scientific Breakthrough? by Eric Haseltine

This Ted Talk goes the opposite way of the first on the list. Where the previous talk focuses on simple ideas, this one goes to the extreme opposite. Big, groundbreaking ideas by brilliant scientists that could change everything. Eric Haseltine gives a great presentation on two scientists currently making headway in the areas of microscope technology and anti-aging ideas. If you are looking for the next big thing in science, this is a must-watch!

What a Planet Needs to Sustain Life by Dave Brain

This Ted Talk given by Dave Brain is on my recommended list because it shows you how lucky we are to have the conditions we do on Earth. Dave uses humor and a comparison of Venus, Earth and Mars to put everything in perspective. It makes you think what Mars used to be and what Venus could be in the future. After laying out a few basics needed for life, Brain turns to the rest of the cosmos and asks the question we all really wonder. “How many habitable planets could there be?”

It’s amazing what conference and event attendees can learn from the right speaker, like the ones we’ve shared above. If you’re looking to book a keynote speaker in science, business, inspiration or innovation contact Innovative Entertainment. Our roster of engaging and informative speakers deliver entertainment and knowledgeable talks to events worldwide.

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