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With over 25 years in the corporate event industry, Peggy Jewell is a huge asset to our team. She is a San Diego native and believes that no event is too small or too big.  She deems herself an Entertainment Match Maker and puts equal value on the client and the artist.

There is never a dull moment when you sit down and talk with Peggy. Read below for our interview with IE’s super star, Executive Producer, Peggy Jewell!

IE: Hi Peggy, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat so that our readers can get to know more about you! We are so lucky to have you as part of our San Diego office. Have you lived in San Diego your entire life?

PEGGY:   I have and I love my city!!   I was raised in our East County and still live in East County… oh no, I am one of those people that never move away.  I’m also married to an incredible man from Wisconsin and after growing up in WI winters, we’re never leaving California.

IE: Speaking of San Diego, you were chosen as a TSE2019 San Diego Ambassador. What an honor! Can you give us any juicy details on the planning process and what to look forward to in San Diego 2019?

PEGGY:   It really is an honor.   I have a long and lovely history with TSE.  From 1999-2010 – I either chaired one of the special events during the conference or took a week off of work and worked on the event staff for the show.   I was beyond flattered that they asked me to be one of the shows Ambassadors.   Planning is in the initial stages, but they have a list of great venue options for all the special events.  Our convention center is a terrific place to have the tradeshow, educational sessions and Opening/Closing/Awards program.  Southern California as a whole, has such talent and verve – so whichever Event Professionals take on the events – it’s going to be an awesome show AND the weather will be perfect……. I just know it!

IE: Sounds amazing we can’t wait for San Diego next January! So how did you get into the events and entertainment industry?

PEGGY:   I was a semi-professional singer and did a bit of voice of work, back in the 80s- ugh, I’m old.   And I was in a relationship with a Musician that needed gigs – as I started to book his band I discovered this amazing hospitality world.   From that, I connect with one of best and most established agency is San Diego, starting as a production assistant and quickly got into talent sales – that was nearly 25 years ago.   I found the perfect career for me – finding and representing phenomenally talented, creative people and guiding clients to them……I’ve always felt like a match maker.   I have a great career and it lead to amazing opportunities, like leadership service in several associations, teaching in the Event Management programs at USD and CSUSM, mentoring and so much more than I could ever have imagined for myself.

IE: Speaking of an amazing career, we hear you are incoming President for MPISD (Meeting Professionals International San Diego). Congrats! Tell us a little about your involvement with this association.

PEGGY:  I am finishing up my year as President-Elect and have had an amazing example with our current President, Amy Cowden, CMP and Immediate Past President, Steve Levin, CMP.    I’ve served on a few committee and chair positions for MPISD and when I was asked to step into the office of the President Leadership role, I jumped at the opportunity to be of service for MPISD, in my community.    We are so fortune to have an amazing Administrator, Erin Scholes, CMP.  I know she and the rest of our board will keep me on track and make the year that I serve as President fulfilling and we’re making a difference.

IE: What do you enjoy most about working at Innovative Entertainment?

PEGGY:  There are two things for me that are neck and neck – first, putting so many talented artists to work – just gives me so much joy.   Second, all the other agents and production admins that work at Innovative.  It’s the first and only agency I’ve worked at that we’re encouraged to work on projects together. I love that when I’m stumped, I can put an email out and get emails from everyone with suggestions and creativity.   I work in a generous community of like-minded, professionals.  I’ve never felt so creative and supported.

IE: You mentioned teaching earlier. If you were still teaching what would be the biggest piece of advice you would give students about to enter the meetings and events industry?

PEGGY:  Stay curious and find a way to be of service.  I believe that most Event Professionals are naturally people that want to be of service. To provide the best at whatever part of the industry they work in. I was surrounded by amazing men and women at the start of my career and feel a great responsibility to give back what was given to me.   I also believe we tend to be creative, curious beings. I love to learn – how something works, what it does for an audience, the why and how of everything. I hope I always stay teachable and curious…

IE: What is your favorite part about booking entertainment?

PEGGY:   Innovative Entertainment has given me a big world and so much personal and professional satisfaction.  I’ve been doing this for a minute and at this point in my career – one of the biggest satisfactions is putting talented people to work and being a small part of the guest experience.
IE: Do you have an event that sticks out in your memory as your “favorite”?

PEGGY: My favorite? Definitely when I get to work with non-profit and community groups – one of my favorite is Heartbeat Music & Performing Arts Academy. Heartbeat is a non-profit arts academy ( that is committed to creating outstanding musicians and performers.   A huge part of HBMPAA is the educational messages. These amazing young performers are finishing high school at the highest levels and going on to college.   In particular, I love to book their drum line, Thundersquad, as often as possible.   Knowing that I am a very small part of their success is beyond rewarding.   I’m humbled to book groups like this and I am so impressed when a planner wants to have some piece that relates to social responsibility.

IE: Outside of working, what is something that you think people would be surprised to learn about you?

PEGGY:  I don’t know – I’m a pretty open book – like it or not.   I have a big personality, largely because I love what I do. But many, many times while attending an association meeting, making a call, speaking at an event, I’m really shy and constantly have to learn to overcome my anxiety. I think a lot of us are like that.  It’s one of the biggest reasons that I’ve always been in leadership with the associations that I belong to, when I have a job or task – I can work a room. When I’m just Peggy – I’m pretty shy.

IE: For our readers who don’t know, we jokingly call you “a machine”, you are literally one of the hardest working women in show business. But, when not working, what do you enjoy doing?

PEGGY:   My husband travels a lot for work, just being in our home and hanging out with him brings me joy.   My step-daughters are grown amazing women and off living their lives, but when they call to catch up, it’s the best.   I also love live theatre. I’ll go to a play or musical as often as possible. It fills my creative soul.

IE: Thanks Peggy, you always make us laugh. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

PEGGY: This is most likely my last professional experience (at half way to 110). I have the best job I’ve ever had.  I love being a part of the Innovative family and I’m proud of who we are as a company and the work that we all do.