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Lending a Hand Long Distance: How You Can Help Hurricane Victims

Over the past month, many of our hearts have been saddened by the hurricanes that have devastated the lives of hundreds of people who are just like us. Yet, while we want to help, it is hard to know what will make the most difference. Here at Innovative Entertainment, we share your concern. We would like to share with you a few ways that you can give real assistance, even if you are miles away.

Donate funds. Some of us feel that the small amount we are able to give wouldn’t make much of a difference. But, believe us, every little bit counts! Even a gift of $5 can turn someone’s day around. Others would like to donate, but are not sure how to find a reputable company.

Donating money is one of the best ways people can help in disaster relief. Although needed, donations of clothes, food, or water require transportation and storage. According to the Center for International Disaster Information, money is “flexible, [and] provides for culturally, nutritionally, and environmentally beneficial support… [and] can be used immediately” to respond. Likewise, aid organizations can use funds to buy items in bulk, stretching the money farther than individual consumers are able to do.

When donating money, choose the organization wisely. Some reputable organizations to donate to include:

  1. American Red Cross
  2. Direct Relief
  3. Feeding Florida/Feeding Texas
  4. Habitat for Humanity
  5. Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Fund
  6. Rebuild Texas
  7. Save the Children
  8. The Salvation Army
  9. United Way
  10. The Search Foundation (Event Industry specific)

Adopt or foster a pet. Calling all animal lovers out there! Dozens of pets have lost their homes or families in the recent hurricanes. Opening your home to a new, four-legged family member is an amazing way to help hurricane relief efforts. Show hurricane victims that you care by reaching out to pets that they are unable to care for during this difficult time!

Over the past two weeks, after two hurricanes hit US shores and caused devastating damage, the compassionate and generous hearts of the American people once again shine bright. As our friends and neighbors begin to assess the damage and start putting their lives and communities back together, many of us immediately look for ways we can help. The opportunities are many, but here are a few key areas where you can give of your time and/or money that can do the most good.

Donate Blood

Following a disaster, blood is in particularly short supply. Blood is needed for emergency transfusions following injuries and to replenish supplies that were lost or damaged in the storm. All donations are welcome, but type O is the most sought after, as all patients can receive this type of blood. To donate, contact your local Red Cross.

Clean Up Efforts

Damage to homes, buildings, trees, etc., are greater than local authorities and resources can handle. The Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group welcomes donations/loans of forklifts, loaders, scaffolding, ladders and nail guns with compressors. Volunteer manual labor is also needed.

 Other Ways You Can Help

If you live close to the areas hardest hit, others items needed now are baby items (formula, baby food, clothing, diapers, wipes), medical supplies, and toiletries. Volunteer are still needed at local shelters and food banks. As families piece their lives together once again, they still need help with childcare, a place to sleep, and food. And don’t forget our furry friends. The ASPCA, the Humane Society of the US and Save Them All are working to care for lost or displaced animals, caring for them in local shelters, foster homes, and emergency shelters. Donations of pet food and funds to help transport animals are needed.

Still Looking for an Opportunity?

On September 12, over 130 celebrities united to raise funds for several disaster relief organizations through the Hand in Hand Benefit Telethon. The event was broadcast on 15 networks. The next day, ABC News reported that the benefit raised over $44 million in one night, and $55 million within a week. You can still donate to this event by visiting Donations are tax deductible, and according to the website, 100% of donations go directly to the charities involved. Beneficiaries include Direct Relief, Feeding Florida, Feeding Texas, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuild Texas, Save the Children, Save Them All, and United Way.

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