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November 6th Sees the Release of Charlie Daniels’ Everyday Wisdom

Charlie Daniels Invites You to Make Every Day Count!

If you’ve followed the career of Charlie Daniels over the years, as a fan on the road or online where he commonly posts his timeless wisdom and insight, then you know that the eighty-two-year-old songwriter, road warrior, and troubadour possesses one of the most powerful spirits, positive attitudes, and some of the most insightful knowledge of his generation. As a Grammy, CMA, and Dove award winning artist, Daniels has written and recorded with the likes of legends such as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan and has achieved legendary status in his own right due to his incredible musicianship and playing ability. Through it all, Daniel’s has sharpened his wit, strengthened his relationship with God, and has dedicated his life to helping others along the way. Daniel’s new book, announced via the Charlie Daniel’s Band website on October 11th, Let’s all Make the Day Count: The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels, allows readers to get a closer and more personal look into the life of the Country/Gospel icon.

An Inspiring Look Into the Everyday Wisdom of a Music Legend!

In the follow-up and companion piece to Charlie’s 2017 memoir Never Look at the Empty Seats, the upcoming book, releasing November 6th from publishers Thomas Nelson, will hone in on the lessons learned from life on the road, a 54-year marriage, and taking pleasure in life’s simple delights. Taking its title from the musician’s daily ‘Let’s all make the day count’ tweets, the book serves as a collection of Daniel’s anecdotes, beliefs, and thoughts alongside corresponding bible verses, quotes, and applicable takeaways for readers. Touching on subjects from beginning anew after loss, how to cultivate success, demonstrating care for others, standing up for what you believe in, and how to choose words wisely, Let’s All Make the Day Count has something for everyone, whether you are a fan of Charlie’s music or are interested in the ideas and motivations that led him to become one of music’s most recognized names.

An Entertaining and Insightful Book For any Charlie Daniels Fan!

In his time as a multi-genre award-winning artist, husband, and philanthropist, Charlie Daniels has developed the wisdom to truly understand how to live every day to its fullest. In his own words Let’s All Make the Day Count is full of:

“segments of my highest and lowest times, my most devastating victories, and how I’ve come to truly value making the day count, every single day.”

The soundtrack to Let’s All Make the Day Count, a ten-track companion album under the same title released by Blue Hat Records, will be available exclusively at Walmart stores four days before the release of the book on November 2nd. The album includes such Charlie Daniels Band hits as ‘Southern Boy,’ ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia,’ and a new song that shares the name of the album and book. Having booked Charlie and his band many times over the years, Innovative Entertainment couldn’t agree more with Daniels’ life movement. We’re looking forward to making each moment count with the November 6th release of his new book of everyday wisdom!