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How to Make Millennials Want to Work for You: 3 (VERY) Simple Tips

If you look at the news, there’s an endless stream of people writing about how millennials are the most difficult generation to work with. This, despite the numbers that say they’re one of the hardest working generations. They are the future, though, and as older generations retire, millennials are making up a bigger portion of the workforce than ever. So how do you appeal to them, and earn their dedication to your company?

Well, here are three, simple steps to get you started.  Let’s face it, you should be doing these things already.

#1: Transparency

Millennials like to work for companies that are open about who they are, what they do, and how they do it. So if you want millennials to see you as a good employer, you need to lay all your cards on the table regarding your business practices, how you treat employees, and what millennials can expect if they sign on.

#2: Be Socially Responsible

More and more it’s important for companies to take a stand on the issues of the day. Everything from global warming and sweat shop labor, to animal cruelty and homelessness are issues that companies need to have a position about. Millennials are more likely to be loyal to employers who do their part to combat the issues of the day in some visible way, allowing them to feel good about being a part of those efforts.

#3: Treat Them Well

This should be the most basic unit of measurement when it comes to earning millennial loyalty. Employees, regardless of generation, know when they’re being valued, and when they aren’t. So if you offer a living wage, benefits, flexible work hours, and you make sure your employees feel like they’re part of a team, instead of a cog in a machine, that will earn their loyalty, and make them want to achieve more for you. Instead of doing the absolute minimum, then clocking out, that is.

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