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The Art of Getting Inside Your Audience’s Heads

Get inside the minds of your guests at your next event! How can you do this? Book a mentalist to perform – and watch your guests’ excitement and surprise come alive!

Keep ‘Em Laughing

We could not be happier to have in our roster of talent mentalist Eric Dittelman. With a background in improv and comedy, you may recognize Eric from his appearance on America’s Got Talent. Eric combines humor and comedy to charm his guests with mind-blowing mind reading acts. Eric has also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and many more features on shows and in publications. As his popularity grows, Eric has also been seen performing at colleges, comedy clubs, and many private and corporate events. As a mind reader, he not only WOWs event guests, but he keeps them laughing and on their toes for the entire performance!

The Mastery of Mind Reading

Mind reading may seem like a magic or illusion trick, but it’s really an art that few have mastered. It’s a skill and is a way of being able to tell what others may be thinking about or the questions they are facing in their lives. Those who have mastered mind reading have a few things in common to make them successful. A key component is that they are able to read non-verbal cues to figure out what someone might be thinking. They take in their body language, facial expressions, and emotions that play across their face. Mentalists also consider the context of the situation. Eric Dittelman has acquired and mastered these skills. He is a Mentalist that’s a performer at art – and on a short lists of the best for entertaining audiences at corporate, conference and private events.

Tap Into Our Thoughts

As we go through our daily lives, Derren Brown (Psychological Illusionist) shares that “we tell ourselves stories.” He goes on to explain in his TED Talk “Mentalism, Mind Reading and the Art of Getting Inside Your Head” that the reasoning behind this is that we are limited by our beliefs and our day to day lives. Mentalism is about getting inside our own heads and asking questions that could lead to simple answers for the most complicated questions. Mind reading can tap into our thoughts and bring about many answers we are looking for.

Adding mind reading to your event is a unique and fun way to entertain guests. If you’re looking for entertainment that’s out-of-the-box, check out Eric Dittelman and his extraordinary skills. Or get inside our heads and learn more about our impressive roster of performance talent and keynote speakers. Let’s plan an event filled with excitement, shock, and awe – click here to connect with our team!

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