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Building Community: Choosing Group Activities That Give Back

As an employer, it can be difficult to help your employees work together. One amazing way to combat competition between coworkers and instead build a sense of unity and cooperation is engaging in group activities that reach out to the community. This type of activity will have enormous positive impact not only on your business but […]

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Tips for Managing the Work/Life Balance in Business

We’re all trying to do our best for our families and our businesses. When it comes down to it, we just want to be successful. Should it really be so hard? Maintaining a solid work/life balance is a challenge, even without the extra stressors of being in the event industry. In an industry where time […]

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Meet Our Team – Gig Xifaras

It’s been said that what makes a great team is not just working together, but respecting, trusting and caring for each other. Each of these three qualities our team has in abundance for Innovative Entertainment’s Director of Operations, Gig Xifaras. When we decided to spotlight Gig this month feedback was unanimous that he works hard, has loads of fun and […]

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