Founder, partner and operator of 4 companies ranging from his role as Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, a Technology and Analysis firm to the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and President of Digital Agency V3B.

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Daniel Newman loves technology, but he’s also extremely passionate about digital transformation and strategy. He believes technology can only reach its potential when it is intertwined with humanity. When people and technology work together to meet their potential, the business results will follow. This is where he comes in.

He is an entrepreneur focused in the Technology and Digital Space. Founder, partner and operator of 4 companies ranging from his role as Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, a Technology and Analysis firm to the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and President of Digital Agency V3B.

Prior to his days as an entrepreneur, he served as the CEO of EC3, a hosted IT and Communication services, provider. Prior to that at the spry age of 28, Dan was the CEO of United Visual, parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm; a family of companies focused on Unified Communications and Audio Visual Technologies.

Daniel is the author, keynote speaker and contributor to some of the world’s largest media outlets. A regular on Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post, as well as the author of 6 Amazon Best-Selling Books, and has a new book due in Summer 2019.

Lastly, he is an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. Dan attained his undergraduate degree in Marketing at Northern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from North Central College in Naperville, Ill. He currently resides in Naperville Il with his wife (Lisa) and their three children Hailey, Avery and Matthew.

Keynote Topics Include:
• Technology
• Business
• Digital Transformation
• Change
• Innovation
• Adaptability

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Financial Services
Any time money is involved, there will always be intense interest on the part of venture capitalists, corporations and investors. Daniel Newman, best-selling author of “Building Dragons: Digital Transformation in the Experience Economy”, will discuss the changes we’ve seen thus far are nothing compared to what the future holds. Find out why these five digital transformation trends affects the financial services sector and what you can do to protect your clients.
Learn the digital transformation secrets of the world’s most enduring companies: Find out what they do to build stability in times of constant change, and most importantly, how they make their business “Futureproof.”
More than ever before, well-established companies are succumbing to wave after wave of disruption from new entrants, new technologies, and new customer expectations. Companies like Kodak, Blockbuster Video and Xerox weren’t able to cope with the pace and scope of disruption, and now they’re all but gone. No business leader wants to be next. The pressure is on to adapt. As organizations begin to cope with the realization that digital transformation is the key to their survival in the age of technology-driven business, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that digital transformation is merely a technology investment play. It isn’t. There is a larger operational vision at play here, and the world’s most adaptable companies have already figured out what it is. Broken down into its core components, it consists of 7 operational pillars that help organizations accelerate digital transformation, manage change, and turn disruption into a tireless engine of opportunity.

Building Dragons: Digital Transformation in the Experience Economy
Learn to transform your business into a dragon: an agile company fit to adapt, innovate and thrive even in disruptive times. Unlike unicorns, which, for all their popularity, tend to rely on risky and experimental business models, dragons are established companies that continue to leverage their original startup mentality to systematically innovate their way to profitability. What makes dragons so much more interesting to executives than unicorns is that they are not built merely on potential and popularity, but on purposeful reinvention, scalable market dominance, and a commitment to long term success. Maybe the best part about the dragon model is that, equipped with the right roadmap and the right set of tools, any business can learn to become more agile and transform itself into a dragon.
Digital Transformation at the Speed of Innovation
Companies need to move faster if they want to keep up with consumer demand. “Fail Fast” they say, but what does that really mean? Exploring an approach to innovation, change and agility in a world where the only consistency is change.
Business Risk and The Importance of Adaptability in the age of Digital.
Companies like Kodak and Blockbuster never saw the writing on the wall. As the incumbents, they believed that their business model was infallible. Suddenly, they were chasing the competition right up until their own demise. Find out why taking risks and building a fast-changing adaptable culture is key to succeeding in the age of disruption.

Speaking Categories
  • Business
  • Change
Price Range
  • $15,000 - $25,000
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