Shammy Dee


Shammy Dee has played for some of the biggest brands in the world, like Louis Vuitton and Tesla. He has provided music for some of the biggest celebrities globally like the Kardashians. New York Times’ bestseller authors and professional athletes trusted him to play for some of the biggest night of their lives. Shammy Dee is a highly sought-after deejay whose reputation is defined by his ability to move any crowd and to do it well. This reputation can only be built on over 16 years of experience spinning for the radio, exclusive events, national tours and so much more. Switching effortlessly between house to hip hop, 80s to electro, salsa to samba, belly dancing to break beats, Shammy Dee skillfully tailors his tracks to energize each moment. It is Shammy’s infectious energy that makes him one of a kind. His joyful presence behind the turntables and on the mic inspires the crowd to have an extraordinary experience. This combination of musical intuition, versatility and passion transforms first-time clients into believers.

DJ  San Diego  

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