Rae Martin

Just 29 short years ago, Rae Martin partnered in an entertainment booking agency called Associated Entertainment Consultants (AEC to the locals).  Rae quickly became the glue that held AEC together, keeping Gig in line, as well as managing the entire business end of the company. As the company grew, so did Rae’s responsibilities. From office procedures to contracting, booking, production, event planning, artist database management and much more, Rae has worked every end of the entertainment industry. Now Rae focuses most of her time working hand in hand with her clients created memorable experiences for all sorts of events. Whether it is producing NFL events for 9000 people, organizing worldwide company town hall meetings or driving a fork lift, Rae does it all! In her spare time (which does not really exist), Rae loves to travel. Her bags are always packed, ready for the next excursion and experience!