In 2009, Ann Marie Houghtailing launched her practice as a business development expert with only $5 in her pocket, a Macbook, and a truck-load of tenacity in the worst economic climate of her life. Just one year later, she was the Corporate Alliance Partner for the Institute for Sales and Business Development at the University of San Diego.

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In 2009, Ann Marie Houghtailing launched her practice as a business development expert with only $5 in her pocket, a Macbook, and a truck-load of tenacity in the worst economic climate of her life. Just one year later, she was the Corporate Alliance Partner for the Institute for Sales and Business Development at the University of San Diego.

Since then, Houghtailing has developed a reputation as one of the most sought-after business development and storytelling experts in the country and speaks regularly on Narrative Leadership and how to use storytelling as a tool of influence in business with her trademarked Narrative Imprinting® process. She has trained thousands of people in 42 states and abroad, delivered a TEDx talk, and is currently working with a California men’s state prison to bring storytelling to incarcerated men as a tool of learning, empowerment and connection to the outside.

In 2018, Houghtailing will launch the Center for Corporate Storytelling with California International Business University. This groundbreaking program will offer the nation’s first academic certification in Corporate Storytelling.Her writing regularly appears in national mainstream press outlets including the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Daily Worth, XO Jane, San Diego Business Journal, Yahoo! Finance, San Diego Union Tribune, Motherwell, and Thought Catalog.

Keynote Topics Include:
• Leadership
• Storytelling
• Business Development
• Inclusion

Narrative Leadership & Coaching
We are all a story. Story defines who we are and how we engage with others. Great leaders are great communicators. Building strong teams, creating change, overcoming struggle, and the ability to influence behavior is dependent upon the credibility and authority of a given leader. But how does one inspire, elevate and motivate an organization to rise to its highest potential? The key to all relationships is our capacity to build trust.

Research indicates that our brains love story. We are hardwired for story. Storytelling builds trust, credibility, and cooperation. When we use storytelling correctly we can build successful relationships and influence outcomes.

Participants will learn:

  • How storytelling impacts the brain
  • How to create a narrative structure
  • How to use storytelling to influence behavior
  • How to understand your identity through narrative
  • How your story impacts your leadership style
  • How story listening impacts the limbic brain
  • Storytelling & Business Development
  • Presentations & Consultations

Storytelling & Business Development
Helping clients create dynamic, emotionally intelligent presentations to engage, influence, and inspire action.

Humans crave story. Stories have been used to instill loyalty, morality and fear. Storytelling has existed for a long time – long before we had the science to measure its impact.

If we want to establish trust and build relationships, we have to create a Narrative Imprint™. The ability to hold someone’s attention and create trust through narrative recognition is critical throughout the business development process from casual meetings to consultations and presentations.

We now know that storytelling creates a bond between teller and listener. Old modalities of features and benefits and mission statements are not effective or sustainable. Training professional service providers to be excellent communicators and storytellers accelerates the relationship development process, increases conversion rates and infuses the consultative process with humanity and elegance. People may not remember the features and benefits of your service but they will never forget the story you told them about how you saved a company millions, increased revenue, or transformed leadership.

Participants will learn:

  • An understanding of why our brains love storytelling
  • How to use character-driven story to increase emotional connection, build trust and create relationships
  • How to evaluate current processes to increase narrative impact
  • The importance of threading narrative and questions throughout the consultation process
  • How to use presentations and consultations to influence your audience
  • How to synthesize information into narrative
  • How to make your presentations and consultations memorable
  • How to increase conversion rates through narrative imprinting
  • How to be memorable

Storytelling & Inclusion
Our collective understanding of unconscious bias and the benefits of an inclusive dynamic culture have exploded in recent years. We are all aware of the business, societal and human stakes at play in issues of diversity and inclusion. Because we are hard-wired for story, story is a pathway to connection, cooperation and compassion. Understanding our own story and the stories of others helps us to better understand how and why we may inadvertently exclude others and how to become more inclusive leaders. Storytelling and story listening provide a tangible, natural way to more inclusive, dynamic engagement.

Participants will learn:

  • *Why the brain is wired for story
  • *How to structure a story to create a Narrative Imprint™
  • *How to become a better story listener
  • *What kinds of narratives are impacting how we engage with others
  • *How and when to infuse storytelling and story listening into business practices

How To Be an Agent of Your Own Success
Being an agent of your own success lowers your anxiety and increases your confidence. The ability to navigate high-stakes conversations, manage difficult people, deliver and receive feedback like a gift, network like a human, and increase your social capital gives you greater leverage to design a career and a life of your choosing.

This program focuses on:

  • How to build confidence through action
  • Redefining your relationship with Business Development
  • Managing high-stakes dialogue
  • Creating an Action Plan for Agency
  • Redefining your relationship with feedback

How to Build Your Own Network and Social Capital
Your social capital is the currency with which you access opportunity, build alliances and visibility, and grow a thriving book of business.
Learning to elegantly and ethically get noticed, find advocates, build key relationships with decision-makers, and get other perspectives is critical to success and leadership inside and outside of your organization.

This program focuses on:

  • Activities that increase your social capital
  • How to build a personal advisory board
  • How to have meetings with purpose and follow up with action
  • How to be strategic about where you choose to invest your time
  • Investing in your professional development​​
Speaking Categories
  • Business
  • Leadership
Price Range
  • $15,000 and Under
  • Contact us for Pricing
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