New York City Welcomes the National Retail Federation Expo

From January 14-16th, 2018, New York City will host one of the most important events for retailers. The National Retail Federation Expo (NRF Expo) brings together all parties involved in retail for an incredible time of learning, networking, and innovation. From Amazon.com Inc. to Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. to Louis Vuitton North America, Inc., […]

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Andy McAfee’s New Book Drawing Rave Reviews

“The digital revolution we’re entering can be unsettling, but McAfee and Brynjolfsson show how these incredibly powerful technologies will make our choices more important than ever. Machine | Platform | Crowd is a road map for leaders to make wise choices as they navigate this new world.” Arianna Huffington, former President and Editor-in-Chief of the […]

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Four Awesome Airport Hacks for the Never-Ending Traveler

Here at Innovative Entertainment we travel. A LOT. In any given week, we have employees all over the globe. Traveling by plane can be tedious. Not only do you have to sit for hours next to someone you do not know, you have to go through a huge amount of hassle before you even board […]

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